Xintian Grand Mercure

On December 20, 2016, Grand Mercure Hotel from French Accor Hotels Group landed in Zhengzhou.
Here is a land for white-collar elites to have a rest in.
More a resort to present French romance………
Tell the story of life…....
Show a new life on vacation…
Butterflies dance in Donglin Lake and dreams roost in Grand Mercure.

Zhengzhou Xintian Grand Mercure Hotel, managed by French Accor Hotels Group, has more than 700 chain hotels worldwide.

 Located at Donglin Lake Scenic Area in Zhengzhou city, near the mountain and by the river and with beautiful scenery, the hotel is the only 

original lakeside resort. Driving 5 minutes by car from the hotel, you may visit an ancient templeDonglin Temple with a history of 

more than 1,800 years, which was built in late Eastern Han Dynasty and collectively called the four great temples in the 

Central Plains with Xiangguo Temple in Kaifeng, White Horse Temple in Luoyang and Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng.


In the hotel, there are 180 rooms and suites, an allday western restaurant and a lobby bar, 7 private highend Chinese food 

compartments with localcharacteristics and different styles and 2 international banquet halls and conference halls.In addition, there is also a 

gym, a heated swimming pool, an original farm, private hot springs with water from 2,000 meters underneath and other supporting facilities.

 Quiet and pleasant environment and supper unique private large terrace in the room will bring you more opportunities to 

get close in touch with nature and expose you to the beauty of nature with multisensory experience.


Guest room with hot spring
Guest room with hot spring:tropical rainforest style shower, safe deposit box and high speed wifi, private hot spring.
Ice cream
Ice cream:China’s first hotel with Emack & Bolios ice cream.
Tea bag
Tea bag:apply Singapore TWG1837 which is recognized as LV in tea worldwide and ranks third in the world’s top ten luxury tea brand.